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Celebrating 30+ Years of Character Education

30 YEARS of Character Education

May 26, 2024
Houston, Texas

Our story

Project Wisdom was founded in 1992 in Houston, Texas. It began as a volunteer effort, meant to promote tolerance, empathy, and understanding among students and teacher.

The program was piloted in a middle school by educators, students, and parents of diverse racial, religious, economic, cultural, and educational backgrounds. Within weeks, educators and community members suggested the program be made available to other schools. In early 1993, a small business was organized to meet this need.

Our Journey

Today, Project Wisdom has licensed more than 19,000 schools nationwide. It grew due to the support and input of dedicated educators, administrators, parents, and students. What was once a small collection of inspirational messages has blossomed into an 1,800-page library which is enriching lives on campuses across the United States. What was once a one-woman, kitchen-table operation is now a multi-generational family business which has provided employment to dozens of people over the years.


Our Mission

Project Wisdom is dedicated to the growth of the heart and mind. Our goal is to ready people for life’s challenges, big and small, so they can face them with dignity, courage, and discernment. We believe this goal is served through the study of diverse human experience and perspective. Through this ongoing study and application, expansion and refinement, wisdom is instilled, and the world is made a better place for current and future generations. 

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