November 27, 2022

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Go and Learn

Dear Educator, You are in the knowledge game. When you show up, and do your job, you are imparting facts and skills which society has deemed necessary or useful. Day in and day out, you practice your trade, and countless minds are shaped as a result. Your career and performance are measured by the ability of your students to demonstrate the knowledge you have shared. But is knowledge really the point of your efforts? Is your greatest desire for your students simply “not uneducated?” You likely have higher ambitions: not mere knowledge, but knowledge plus the experience necessary for proper

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Choose the Unknown

Dear Educator, Every day, and every moment, we all must decide “what comes next.” Sometimes those choices are small and mundane, as in our next meal. Sometimes those choices are grand and inspiring, as in our next career move. Many of those choices require us to show preference: do we prefer comfort, or do we prefer challenge? There is no clear winner. We all need comfortable times, places, and experiences. These comforts help us rest and prepare for inevitable new beginnings. They also allow us to reflect on experience, so we can transform our experience into something useful. Sometimes, choosing

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Past as Prologue

Dear Educator, You are a time-traveler, constantly bridging past, present, and future. No matter how much you imagine or plan, you cannot know your future. And like your future, your present is intangible. It can neither teach nor instruct you until it can be grasped and analyzed as part of your past. Your past is the only part of your existence with real form, and the only part which can be revisited. The past is therefore a powerful force in your life. The past speaks to us in a thousand voices, warning and comforting, animating and stirring to action. Felix

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New Beginnings

Dear Educator, Sometimes we find ourselves at a new beginning. We may plan to be there, or we may arrive unexpectedly. In either case, we often find ourselves a little worried. What exactly have we gotten ourselves into? New beginnings push us into the unknown. They force us outside familiarity and drop us into unexpected challenges. They make us question our abilities and – more precisely – our abilities to overcome and to thrive. We ask ourselves “Who do you think you are,” or “How on earth will I manage this?” Fortunately, there is an entirely rational, and profoundly practical,

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