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Celebrating 30+ Years of Character Education

30 YEARS of Character Education

May 30, 2024

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2004 Third-Party Evaluation

More than 900 educators responded to our 2004 online survey. Below are some of the results, along with a small sample of the overwhelmingly positive comments.

95% indicate program affects the school climate in a positive way.

We wanted to use the morning announcements from Project Wisdom to promote a positive school climate. The serendipity for us was that it not only met our goals but also cut our discipline referrals in half the first year that we used it.

– Mamie, Principal (CO)

78% indicate program helps decrease teasing and/or bullying.

Our administration and staff have witnessed a drastic reduction in bullying and other anti-social behaviors among our students. We have seen students become more helpful and kind to one another and our staff.

– Elizabeth, Principal (LA)

Student suspensions have been reduced considerably as have referrals for bully type incidents.

– Dr. Linda, Principal (PA)

67% indicate program helps decrease discipline referrals.

About 50% lower numbers of referrals this year compared to last year.

– Rose Marie, Counselor (MD)

92% indicate program has positive impact on teacher morale.

Teachers particularly, and parents who are here in the morning to hear announcements comment positively on the way it starts their day, and the need to have something positive to think about.

– Donna, Principal (VA)

88% indicate daily messages stimulate student conversation about character issues.

Students often relay their experiences regarding the daily message to me in the cafeteria.

– Brad, Principal (IL)

86% indicate program increases students’ self-awareness
89% social awareness
86% self-management
87% relationship skills
86% responsible decision making

Getting students to be ready to take responsibility for the consequences of their choices and actions is a huge part of middle school. Project Wisdom provides a consistent message that each individual’s life and the entire community is better served when individuals make thoughtful decisions.

– David, Principal (WA)



Data analysis and reporting conducted by Dr. Beth Manke, Professor in the Human Development Department at California State University, Long Beach.

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