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30 YEARS of Character Education

August 14, 2022

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Reduced Discipline Referrals

“Discipline referrals have decreased tremendously. Students are more aware that they are in charge of their own behavior.”

Amy, Elementary Principal – Florida

“Sets the tone and expectation for the day. Students think before they react.”

Laurie, High School Principal – Minnesota

“Students are trying to resolve conflicts by talking out their problems instead of fighting in my class.”

Wendy, Elementary Teacher – Hawaii

“One of the benefits is that referrals to my office are significantly down.”

Denise, Elementary Principal – California

“The students think about what they do. The program is a daily thing so that is the first thing they get.”

Diane, Intermediate School Teacher – Maryland

“It [Project Wisdom] has helped decrease our out of school suspensions.”

Betsaida, Middle School Assistant Principal – Pennsylvania

“Administration has reported that it [discipline referrals] is down.”

Jill, High School Teacher – Tennessee

“Last year after one year of using Project Wisdom, we ran a query of our discipline records and found a significant decrease in office referrals.”

Lea, Counselor – Mississippi

“We saw a 19% decrease in disruptive behavior referrals the first year we implemented this program.”

Bob, Principal – Michigan

“We are now in year two of using Project Wisdom, and we have cut our office referrals for discipline in HALF over the last two years. I believe that Project Wisdom has been a big part of that reduction. The Words of Wisdom message to start off the day creates a positive building climate.”

Gary, Principal – Kansas

“Our administration and staff have witnessed a drastic reduction in bullying and other anti-social behaviors among our students. We have seen students become more helpful and kind to one another and our staff.”

Elizabeth, Principal – Louisiana

“In our third year of use, we are seeing a reduction of 30% from last school year in discipline referrals.”

Duane, Principal – Georgia

“After two years of using Project Wisdom, suspensions have decreased more than 25%. Of course, there are other factors involved too, but I am sure the Words of Wisdom daily message is having an impact on the choices students are making.”

Susan, Principal – California

“The daily messages have made a tremendous impact on our discipline rates. The students actually look forward to hearing them daily.”

LaVette, Principal – North Carolina

“It helps us to reduce our suspension rate and to meet our school improvement goal.”

Debra, Assistant Principal – Tennessee

“The past two years, discipline referrals have decreased by almost 50%.”

Dr. Angela, Principal – South Carolina

“Discipline referrals have decreased approximately 60% since the implementation of this program. I’m sure this decrease will only continue.”

Pat, Principal – Arkansas

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