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30 YEARS of Character Education

August 14, 2022

Version 3.0.2 Patch Notes

Fixes and updates for ProjectWisdom.com 3.0.2:

  • Added prompts to paid-access pages for “nonsubscribers” – registered users without active or expired subscriptions.
  • Fixed a configuration bug which inadvertently allowed guest access to paid content.
  • Revised “Error 404” page to improve user experience.
  • Added widget to “Free Samples” page to clarify print/download process.
  • Removed misplaced “Quotes” option from “Your Account” drop down menu.

Known issues for ProjectWisdom.com 3.0.2:

  • Paid content still appearing in some search results (though access is still limited if link is followed).
  • Some buttons on “Your Account” subpages still not properly formatted (though otherwise functional).
  • Mobile pages remain unoptimized, increasing load times for phone/tablet users.

Additional School User Form

Looking to add additional users to your school’s subscription? Please provide the following information and the Project Wisdom team will process your request at its earliest opportunity.

For each account to be added, please provide an email address only. Please make sure each user to be added has already registered for an account at ProjectWisdom.com. If you are adding multiple users, please separate each user with a comma. 

If you are not your school’s primary point of contact, Project Wisdom will seek confirmation before adding members to your team. This may delay the process.

This option is provided as a temporary workaround to the functionality normally offered to account owners and managers on the Your Account > School page. 

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